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At Tlou Engineering we believe sustainable construction addresses the ecological, social and economic issues of a building in the context of its community. Sustainable construction is applied throughout the entire life cycle of construction, from preconstruction to disposal of the building. Such construction aimed to reduce the impact of the construction practice on the environment.

Green buildings can be delivered at prices comparable to those for conventional buildings and many costs can be recouped through operational costs savings. Developers that incorporate green building designs, technologies and materials into their projects have a significant market advantage over their “notso-green” competitors. Green buildings do not have to cost more than conventional buildings; much can be achieved at low cost through good design and the use of basic energy, efficient materials.


Phase 1: Brief

  • Client brief, Requirements & timing schedules.
  • Location of project.
  • Basic site survey and feasibility studies.

Phase 2: Space And Strategic Planning:

  • Ensuring that all the required services in the
    project are allowed for.
  • Exact space calculations for all required services and individuals.
  • Budget constraints.
  • Overall, effective planning solutions.

Phase 3: Detailed Design:

  • Detailed drawings, taking a two dimensional plan and converting it to a three dimensional space.
  • Applying finishes and specifying all the elements that will make up the overall completed environment.
  • Preparing final drawings for the construction of each element and individual trade. i.e. drywall, Doors, Lighting, Floor finish, Electrical, Data, Furniture, Fittings, Ceilings, Partitions, and any other required facilities.
  • Preparing a complete scope of work to complete the project, & select contractors in each discipline to prepare quotes/bill of material for the work required.

Phase 4: Project Implementation:

  • Preparing time lines for each trade to ensure that timing parameters are met.
  • Finalizing the exact scope of work so that tenders quotes can be prepared, adjudicated and awarded.
  • Overall management of contractors and suppliers, ensuring that all timing parameters are reached, & that quality, time and budget requirements are adhered to.

Project Management

  • It involves the choice of technology
  • The definition of work tasks
  • The estimation of the required resources and durations for individual tasks
  • The identification of any interactions among the different work tasks.
  • Project evaluation and monitoring

Light Steel Construction

With our first state of the art infrastructure, we offer technologically advanced manufacturing solutions produce cost-effective, lightweight steel framing components quickly and efficiently, These include framing systems, roofing, flooring, walls and trusses.

Our solutions are an end-to-end design and build system enabling the rapid construction of quality buildings for businesses, governments and communities.

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