Nondestructive testing (NDT) comprises a wide group of analysis techniques used to evaluate the properties of a material, part, product, weld, or system without materially affecting the integrity of the unit under test.

These techniques can identify and assess defects and examine the properties of all kinds of materials and structures without causing any damage. As NDT in no way alters the part or structure under inspection, it is an extremely useful technique that can lead to cost and time savings when applied to product evaluations, asset management and fault identification and repair.

We offer a range of service in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) which include:

  • Radiographic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing (conventional)
  • Wall Thickness Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Level III consultancy
  • Phased Array on LP1 &LP2 last stage blade
  • Mechanical UT of CRR
  • Manual Inspection Chamfer (HP, LP, IP)

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